Satellite TV Anime

I used to be interested in watching anime on European satellite TV, before the days of bittorrent and broadband. There was an astonishing amount of it (all dubbed in sundry European languages) something like 8 or 10 hours of anime a day. There isn’t so much now, and most of it is only of interest to small European kids, but some of the channels are still running should you have multi-satellite receiving equipment and want to check it out. There are several German channels: see for a guide. A few Italian channels: , Other possible sources include Poland, Spain and Turkey. Most likely times to look are Mon-Fri early morning, and mid-afternoon. 99% of satellite broadcasting is now digital, but the analog channels from Germany on 19.2 deg.E are still running, and if you have analog equipment it will still receive them. In fact I discovered the whole satellite anime thing by getting some old Sky analog kit on a hunch and pointing it at this satellite.

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