Miscellaneous Anime Stuff

Pointers to several sites of miscellaneous anime stuff.

Hitoshi Doi’s site: http://www.usagi.org/doi/anime2.html Devoted to magical girls, shoujo, cute girls series.

Anime In4mation: http://www.anime-info.co.uk Devoted to featured anime series, Japan cultural stuff, book reviews, obscure lists.

Richard’s animated divots: http://www.animated-divots.com/ Information and credits on many TV anime series.

Tha Anime Primer: http://faqs.cs.uu.nl/na-dir/anime/primer.html A classic introductory resource.

Anime and Manga FAQ: http://faqs.cs.uu.nl/na-bng/rec.arts.anime.info.html Anime Web Guide & other things from newsgroups.