A Complete Shoujo Anime List

The Shoujo listing on this site has been revised as The Shoujo Anime Database (2004, 2005, 2006) and, by permission of Vince Ho, incorporates the entire Shoujo Anime List (1995).

Many entries are already in place. Entries based on or matching with the Shoujo Anime List 1995 are generally enhanced by additional data, synopses and comment, and, in some cases, screen grabs. Screen grabs are included purely for purposes of identification and review. (Most screen grabs are in the TV section).The Shoujo listing is extracted from the General database by activating the shoujo option. 

OVA Shoujo Anime

TV Shoujo Anime

The list may be displayed with an English list (English title search) or Japanese list (Japanese title search) option.

The Shoujo Anime List 1995 may be viewed at Vince Ho’s: Shoujo Anime List 1995 (rawbw)

Definitions and contributor credits (also used in the The Shoujo Anime Database 2004) may be viewed there.

N.B. “shoujo” here refers to “comics written for girls” or anime adapted from these comics.

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