UK anime streaming services 2014

It may be of interest to update the earlier post:
There is a new UK streaming service at:
So far, they offer a modest number of recent shows, including some from the latest Japanese season. The subscription is £5.99 per month. As a come-on, you can watch the latest episode of a few of the current-season shows for free, in what looks like standard definition.
This looks like good value if any of it catches your interest – a few months’ sub would be as cheap as buying one box-set.

Anime streaming services – UK, Feb 2012
Posted on February 5, 2012 by admin
These legitimate anime streaming services are available in the UK:

Crunchyroll: Large number of titles, including both the current Winter 2012 season and older titles. Includes the two best shows from the Winter 2012 season. Choose between a free service (ad-laden, and with hot episodes delayed one week, some titles barred) and paid-for service (no ads, hot episodes available the same day as in Japan.) Subtitled, choice of several screen resolutions, including 1080p. Still going.

Anime On Demand: Recently revised service, with a small but recent title list. It added its only 2012 title at the beginning of Feb. Subscription only, with free trial period. Quarterly or annual sub. available. Choice of screen resolutions. Subtitled. Inactive in 2012-13. This link now takes you to Animax

The Anime Network: Select “Watch Now” to see what’s available to the UK. A modest number of shows is available, all of them several years old. First episodes are generally free as samples; to see the rest you have to subscribe. Monthly subscription available. Dubbed. (I cancelled after I’d watched everything of interest).
Link still works, but nothing seems new since I last looked.

Netflix: Recently launched in the UK, it offers a large selection of movies and TV shows, including a small anime component. Does not include any recent or current anime shows. Has “Ghost in the Shell” anime series. 1 month free trial available at time of writing. Dubbed. They still advertise.

Nico Nico Douga: Nico Nico Douga started as a sort of Japanese Youtube, but recently they have started a licenced streaming service, which includes an anime channel.
Registration is required, but once you have jumped through the hoops you can watch a few current or recent anime, e.g “Symphogear” which don’t seem to be legitimately available here by other means. Annoyingly, some titles, including the most enticing ones, turn out to be for US/Canada only when one tries to start them. This is free.
The USP of Nico Nico Douga is that synchronised user comments appear on the videos – often funnier than the actual show!! Subtitled.
They also announce a one-time screening of Madoka Magica ep#1 for Friday, February 10th 20:20 PST (4.20am Sat 11th) (PST is 8 hours later than British time). I have not looked recently. offer streamed anime on their useful site, but this is just an interface for Crunchyroll. Site still active, but they don’t offer videos, other than their own output on Youtube

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