More old anime available

Here’s a list of older (i.e. possibly older than you, dear visitor) anime that I note has become available on Animesuki and/or Nyaatorrents.

Marvelous Melmo #01
Angie Girl #01
Homeless Child Remy #01,02,03. (Ie naki ko Remi) [The WMT “homeless girl” version]
Tokimeki Tonight #01-07
Aim for the Ace #22 [tennis]
NG Knight Lamune & 40 #01-06
Kimagure Orange Road TV #15 [US licence expired]
Little Princess Sara #01-46 [“A Little Princess” novel]
Heavy Metal L-Gaim #40
Gear Fighter Dendoh #12
Genshi Shonen Ryuu #16
Kinnikuman #13
Babel II #9
Ginguiser #1
Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo #14-17
Iga no Kabamaru #5
Goldfish Warning #34
Mikan Enikki #0-3

Here are some fansub groups that appear to specialise in older anime:
Saitei, Takara, mSubs, Anime_Daisuki, KiteSeekers, ARR, Live-evil, The Skaro Hunting Society, Hokuto no Gun, Bluefixer, Honobono, Fuko Ibuki Fansubs.

There are rather more of these than I imagined when I started this post. The quality of these old shows varies (depending on your tastes). Some are well worth preserving. Others cause me to react with a “Why?”
Several are detailed in my database; here’s one to start you off:

Old Anime