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Title (English) Save Me, My Guardian Shaorin
Title (Japanese) Mamotten Shogogetten

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Classification -
Synopsis A boy gets a package from his absent father. There emerges a clueless magical girl who tries to help him but only succeeds in wrecking his surroundings and disrupting his life.
Review Brainless and trivial stuff but very funny.(G. Cowie).

"MSG" continues to make me laugh more than any series since Urusei Yatsura. This was the "Valentines Special", so the plot revolved around most of the guys trying to receive "choco" from Shaoran, and most of the girls trying to give Tasuke "choco". The "look" of the show was subtly different this week and the humor went a bit more on the "broad" side ( and almost towards the "Dr. Slump" side of the "equation" ). For example, Shaoran's giant "hoshigami" helper "Gunnanmon" had a head cold this episode, and since he didn't have a "giant-sized" Kleenex, every time he sneezed he made a "giant-sized" mess on everything and everyone in the way! ( You may think, "what cheap laughs", but hey, didn't you ever wonder? )

"Mamotte Shugo Gettuten" continues to be one of the highlights of the recent series on Japanese TV. This episode focussed more on Shao, but her affects on the supporting cast brought out the most laughs. Like other ensemble comedies such as "Urusei Yatsura", as we get used to the characters and their normal actions, the humor builds upon their reactions to outlandish situations. In this case, Shao gets confused by a joke about Christmas and sets out to protect Tasuke at any cost. Ruan's attacks, first with a giant Santa then with a flying force of giant Christmas trees just have to be seen - they're classics!
Dave Baranyi

Credits Creator(s): Minene Sakurano ; Series Director: Yukio Kaizawa; Character Designer(s): Ken Ueno
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1998 October 17 - 1999 April 3
Production Toei Animation
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