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Title (English) Sadamitsu the Destroyer
Title (Japanese) Hakaima Sadamitsu

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Fantasy Novel

Notes = "Destruction Devil Sadamitsu"
Classification -
Synopsis The first episode starts out with two parallel plots. We see a large "Predator"-like alien being chased through the skies over a city by a power-suited figure who looks a good deal like a human-sized "Gundam". In the meanwhile, at a local high school, some students go into the nurses office to get some soccer bruises taken care of ( and to ogle at the nurse ), when the nurse finds out that another teacher has taken most of her first aid supplies. Sadamitsu, the teacher with the supplies, in the meanwhile, has bummed a ride to a deserted part of a river bank where a bunch of his students are about to have a gang fight with an opposing gang. Sadamitsu joins in with his students and they easily beat the crap out of the other gang. At that moment, the nurse rides up on her motor scooter and simultaneously the power suited figure pushes the monster into the way of a train that is passing overhead, causing the monster to fall in front of the startled students. Sadamitsu at first tries to save the monster, thinking that this is just a case of cosplay getting out of hand. But just as the nurse realizes that the monster is real, it jumps to attack Sadamitsu, and the power suited figure jumps in the way and gets stabbed by the monster's claws. The kids run off in a van, taking the nurse with them with the monster in hot pursuit. It turns out that the power suited figure is actually a robot policeman, chasing after interstellar bad guys - the monster being one of them. Although wounded, Power Suit carries Sadamitsu and the bike after the others and everyone ends up in the school yard. At this point, the damage to Power Suit is too much, and it starts to break down. The monster takes advantage of the situation to tear Power Suit apart, with the head rolling over to the horrified Sadamitsu. The head continues to speak as the monster rips apart the remains of the power suit body. The head tells Sadamitsu that he has to take over now, and the head opens up into a helmet, which Sadamitsu puts on. From the helmet the traditional power suit garb grows over Sadamitsu, who at the end of the episode stands facing the monster. ( Yet another cliff hanger ending! )
Review A "power suit versus space monsters" show that has a "spaghetti western" opening theme song? And has "Zorro"-style Spanish guitar background music? They can't be serious! And thankfully, the creators of the new Wowow anime, "Hakaima Sadamitsu"/"Sadamitsu the Destroyer", have their tongues firmly in cheek in this bizarre new series.
Now, I haven't tried to describe the subtle humor in the show. To a good extent it is sort of like a cross between "GTO", "Predator" and "Gekkokemen-kun". The only really odd thing about it are the character designs, which aren't that appealing to me, particularly since the eyes of the characters tend to be a bit too wide apart, or else are floating around their faces a bit. But much of the other animation is quite good. It's as if there were two different animation teams, one for the characters and one for the space monsters/power suit.
There is some info on the series on the Wowow web site - check out the "new" link near the bottom of the page at :
I don't yet know who Yayoi will be - she is on the Wowow page and featured prominently in the ending animation, but she didn't show up in episode 1.
This has turned out to quite a strange new season for anime. (Dave Baranyi)
This is another "odd" new anime, which offers a somewhat whacked-out variation on the "teen defends the Earth from aliens" theme. In this case, it's sort of "GTO defends the Earth from aliens". There's lots of humor, plenty of enjoyable fan service, reasonably good animation and a sound track right out of a "Zorro" movie. ( Go figure - in a series set in a Tokyo high school. ) And the "variation" on the "pet from space" is something to be seen. Rating : A- (Dave Baranyi)
Credits Prod: Sony?
Episodes 10
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 2001 January 17 - 2001 March 21
Production Studio Deen?
Broadcaster WOWOW
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