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Anime & Manga Script Translations

This is a legacy page from the 1998 site which I'm leaving in place until I decide what to do with it. Some of the links to translations of old anime and manga may be useful.
First, some useful sources:
ftp.tcp.com and its various mirrors - many well-known titles.
The external references on my A-Z page, notably Hitoshi Doi, include scripts and synopses.
Then there's the Anime Web Turnpike links pages.
Central Anime publish sets of scripts for various anime series.
My Shrine To Masakazu Katsura: Scripts & scans of: Video Girl Ai, DNA/2, "I", etc. Katsura

Also check Text files- Supplementary online Shoujo files.

Title Notes Links
Akazukin ChaCha: In ftp.tcp.com & mirrorsGet images ChaCha Get files ChaCha
Ayashi no Ceresby same author as Fushigi Yuugi. Try a search with AltaVista Ayashi no Ceres
Cloverby CLAMP#
Cherry ProjectTry a search with AltaVista#
Codename wa Sailor VSame author as Sailor Moon. Try AltaVista search.#
Sakumi YOSHINO: A charming and well-drawn manga about schoolgirl love affairs with men, and the Kyoto art scene.eccent#1
Fushigi Yuugi Very popular title. Anime scripts from Central Anime. Find it yourself.
This is Greenwood
chaps. 1-3 translations posted to rec.arts.manga on 28 June 1994. Scripts should be in ftp.tcp.com etc. G'wood G'wood

Hime-Chan no Ribon:

Hime-chan no Ribon, manga volume 1, chap. 1,2,3 translation
Hime-chan Hime-chan
Karura Mau
Karura Mau! movie, script
This script can be found in various places. Karura Mau is about two sisters with occult powers who engage in demon-busting. It's good!
CLAMP, "Left Hand" (short story) translation. From Clamp's LEFTHAND manga.

Minky Momo
Try to find the US-dubbed movie "Gigi & the Fountain of Youth"; it's a blast! Minky Momo, 331k Minky Momo
Miss Rain By same author as Sailor Moon? Try AltaVista search. #
New Shiatori Reiko
Manga series translation of part
Please Save My Earth # PSME PSME
CLAMP, RG Veda OAV 1, Script. This file can be found on various sites & BBS. OAVs 1 & 2 have now been commercially released in the USA (subtitled) and in the UK (dubbed). RG Veda RG Veda
Rose of Versailles:
Tezuka, Rose of Versailles, TV #1,#2 scripts
rose-v1.txt in local files, also RoV site (see my TV Anime /reviews), & Rose
Sailor Moon Takeuchi Naoko, Sailor Moon, manga volume 1, chap. 1 translation in local files
Sailor Sailor.
See also Hitoshi Doi's site.
Sailor Moon Parody Asari Yoshitoh, Let's Go! Unagi-chan R. manga translation (Sailor Moon parody) sm-parod.txt
Legend of the 3 Swords
Manga series translation of part
Tokyo Babylon
CLAMP, Tokyo Babylon, synopsis vol. 7
CLAMP, Tokyo Babylon, various chat, plus CD
tok-bab.end & tok-bab.etc song translation, manga "Annex: Secret" translation Tokbab Tokbab
Vampire Princess Miyu [vpm-1_6.txt] Vampire Princess Miyu manga, chaps. 1-6 translation
[new-vpm1.txt] New Vampire Princess Miyu manga, chap. 1 - The Western Shinma - translation
[vp-yui1.txt] Vampire Princess Yui manga, chap. 1 translation (in local files)
Miyu Miyu
Technically shonens: (ie published in shonen magazines)

Title Notes Links
[kiseiju.v1] Iwaaki Hitoshi, Kiseiju manga, volume 1 translation
[kiseiju.v2] Iwaaki Hitoshi, Kiseiju manga, volume 2 translation
[kiseiju.v3] Iwaaki Hitoshi, Kiseiju manga, partial volume 3 translation
[to-y.txt] To-y anime, script See local files
"X"or "X:1999"
[X-v01.txt] CLAMP, X manga volume 1 translation
[X-v02.txt] CLAMP, X manga volume 2 translation
[X-v03.txt] CLAMP, X manga volume 3 translation
[X-v04.txt] CLAMP, X manga volume 4 translation
A school/demons/youth with supernatural powers story. The series is now being published in translation by Viz Select Comics.
"X" "X"

Text files Supplementary online Shoujo files.