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Please note that searching is now deprecated, as it won't cover the databases, which have their own built-in search, and much of the original searchable content has now been moved from its original location to the static site part of site Shoujo & General
You can use the 2 search engines below, (but they won't work properly till I get around to resetting the underlying functionality) or install the search bar from Google. This has a "Search Site" button which works very well on this site.

GC's Anime/Manga Archive Search Engine

Use the form below to search through the files at Shoujo & General!
Text to Search For:
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You should get a list of file links. Once on screen, you can, if necessary, search the file for your keyword with Netscape's Edit/Find (ctrl-f). Simple Search created by Matt Wright and can be found at Matt's Script Archive.
Alternative Search Engine (may not show latest additions) below: