CLAMP & other shoujo files

CLAMP and other shoujo files

The CLAMP files include: RG Veda manga review & synopsis, Tokyo Babylon, various chat, plus CD
song translation, and manga "Annex: Secret" translation. The illustrations are copyright.

Magical Girls Primers:
goldfish.doc Goldfish Warning Primer

himeprim.txt Hime-chan no Ribon Primer. chacha.faq Akazukin Chacha Primer.

puff-new.doc Synopsis of shoujo news from an issue of Puff
yaoi.doc Overview of "yaoi" genre magazines
Shoujo Anime List Notes for Database of Shoujo Anime

Steve Pearl's Net-Manga Guide may still be available as a FAQ on the following newsgroups:





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CLAMP files
Acknowledgements Biography Bibliography Animatography Music Merchandising Publications Translations Illustrations Frequently Asked Questions RG Veda manga review & synopsis Tokyo Babylon,etc