CLAMP & other shoujo files

CLAMP and other shoujo files

The CLAMP files include: RG Veda manga review & synopsis, Tokyo Babylon, various chat, plus CD
song translation, and manga "Annex: Secret" translation. The illustrations are copyright.

Magical Girls Primers:
goldfish.doc Goldfish Warning Primer

himeprim.txt Hime-chan no Ribon Primer. Get image
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chacha.faq Akazukin Chacha Primer.

puff-new.doc Synopsis of shoujo news from an issue of Puff
Puff reviews Link to Puff reviews by Cynthia Ma.
yaoi.doc Overview of "yaoi" genre magazines
Shoujo Anime List Notes for Database of Shoujo Anime

Matt Thorn's homepage is a valuable source of reference on magazines, US translated editions,definitions of 'shoujo' and academic studies.

Fan Translations on the Internet. A very handy site which includes several Shoujo titles.

Commercially Available Shoujo Anime: Vince 'Keke' Ho's Shoujo Anime list at Hiroyuki Hironaga's page You have to hunt for the Anime List; try clicking on the manga girl...I could make a more direct link but this would be discourteous.

Steve Pearl's Net-Manga Guide. This is a hefty list of hundreds of titles, indexed by mangaka (that's manga creator to the un-initiated.) This is a big file of 250k or so, and is available in more than one form from various places. I suggest you retrieve this valuable file for your personal use, and use your favourite wordprocessor's Find facility to search it offline.
Plain text(225k)
HTML (250k)
The file (in 3 parts) can also be found as a frequently updated FAQ on the following newsgroups:
rec.arts.manga,, rec.answers, news.answers

The Shoujo Mailing List Archive is indexed from Jan 1995 and is a useful place to dig. The list itself may be 'joined' by sending a e-mail message to Vincent B.Ho (or the current list manager). It will be of interest principally to those who read manga in Japanese. Translations & reviews are sometimes posted.

More Shoujo material may be explored at Hitoshi Doi's pages or via the index on David Gaxiola'a Anime Web Page.

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CLAMP files
Acknowledgements Biography Bibliography Animatography Music Merchandising Publications Translations Illustrations Frequently Asked Questions RG Veda manga review & synopsis Tokyo Babylon,etc