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Title (English) A;A'
Title (Japanese) A;Aprime (M)

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes A,A', Page 21. (Tr. by Matt Thorn.)

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Manga author/artist Moto HAGIO
Date 1997
Publisher Viz Graphic Novel
Edn. Language en
ISBN (review vol.) 1-56931-238-9
Pages 208
Price $15.95
Size 14x21 cm
Synopsis How would you feel if your lover died - and was replaced by a clone who was physically identical but had no memories of you? In 4/4 Mori meets Trill , a beautiful Unicorn (race of genetically modified humans), and his latent psychic abilities are triggered, with disturbing results. In X+Y, Hagio uses science fiction to explore sexual identity, as Mori's past is revealed and he finds himself inexorably attracted to another member of the Unicorn race - but both of them are male!
Review This is one of the few shoujo manga to appear in translated form, and contains four loosely connected stories, <>A, A', 4/4 (Quatre-Quarts), X+Y Part 1, X+Y Part 2. The stories display many of the most intriguing features of shoujo manga, both in innovative design and layout (compare the text placement and framing of A, A' with , say, Appleseed, and in the themes.

All these stories are beautifully drawn and are quite moving.


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