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Title (English) Five Star Stories
Title (Japanese) Five Star Stories

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes Trans: "I don't understand my feelings, Soroso."

English edition available.

Manga author/artist Mamoru Nagano
Date 1988
Publisher Toys Press
Edn. Language Jap
ISBN (review vol.) 4-04-852107-1
Pages 154
Price Y820
Size 17x21 cm.
Synopsis Future fantasy of life among the planets of a five star system. The inhabitants have tournaments using giant robots operated by android "fatimas".
Review Japanese edn. Cover
The manga covers a much larger canvas than the anime of 1989. The detailed and delicate-looking artwork looks a bit cramped in this format and is better seen in a larger format, like the recent English-language monthly serial (printed in Japan!) which I have also seen.
All the characters and machines have silly Anglicised names - the creator must have had fun.
A classic.
References Monthly-volume English edition avalable.
See also the anime.


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