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Title (English) Fushigi Yuugi
Title (Japanese) Fushigi Yuugi

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes Page 21, vol.2. Dialogue, from top left:
"Yeah! Thank you! And keep it a secret from Tamahome and the others, OK?"

(Tr. by MF.)

Manga author/artist Yuu WATASE
Date 1992
Publisher Flower Comics
Edn. Language Jap
ISBN (review vol.) ISBN 4-09-134352-X
Pages 190
Price Y390
Size 11x18 cm.
Synopsis This is a story about two schoolgirls who discover an old book in a library and by reading it are sucked into a fantastic adventure in a set of countries rather resembling ancient China.
Review Most readers will come to the manga via the anime version, and will already be familiar with the story of how Miaka and Yuu each become the titular maiden of a cult which has the summoning of a goddess as its aim. The two girls, once friends, become bitterly estranged as their rival groups (and countries) battle for control of vital religious artefacts, and thus ultimate power. It's not all gloom, as there is a fair admixture of comedy. But then, in contrast to most other fantasy comedy-dramas, some of the experiences of the girls are neither pleasant nor funny.
The artwork is quite excellently done in a distinctly shoujo style. It will be obvious to fans of the anime that the anime character designs are exactly the same as those in the original manga. Even if you don't read the Japanese, this is a very attractive book for fans of the anime to thumb through. The anime storylines probably don't follow the manga that closely, but elements of it are clearly recognisable. I bought this volume on a very expensive anime/manga shopping trip to London, and this 1.80 second-hand manga was my most pleasing purchase of the day.
References Available in English from Viz at $15.95 per volume (approx 190 pages each), and in French from Tonkam at 32FF per volume (cheap!) in a look-alike of the Japanese tankuobons.
See also my notes on the anime version. Many FY sites on WWW. (GC).


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