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Title (English) Adults' business
Title (Japanese) Otona no mondai

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Manga author/artist IMA Ichiko
Publisher HoubunSha
Edn. Language jap
ISBN (review vol.)
Review Otona no mondai (Adults' business)
IMA Ichiko (HoubunSha)
I memtioned this manga a while ago, but now it has a comic out and seems
the series had been ended. Well, it's a queer comedy for grow-ups.
There were hardly a love scene, including a kiss scene. The main gay
couple is a 50 something gentle but weak middle aged man (dame oyaji)
and beautiful but bitchy 26 years old. The story is told from a son
of the oyaji and it expanded to the family member of the younger love(r?) who
is also beautiful but vicious. The ochi (punch line) of the series added for the tankoubon in
the end of comic is funny. Highly recommended, if you trust my taste,
that is.
Mikiko "ps Ai-sense, there're gonna be a new tankoubon of NOBI Nobita
out from Biblos at Nov. 10th. Called _Dakishinete
kurerunara_. Onn add I have, it says 'setsunasa ni kokoro
mo nureru...kannou hard Roman' ...."
(Mikiko Yoshida)


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