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Title (English) Magic Knight Rayearth
Title (Japanese)

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes Magic Knight Rayearth, Mixx. p.47, Tr. by Aika Takahashi & S J Levy

The artwork is very pretty (the girl wearing the kilt thing looks particularly cute).

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Manga author/artist CLAMP
Publisher Mixx
Edn. Language Eng
ISBN (review vol.)
Synopsis This story, by now fairly well known (there's also an anime), features the adventures of three junior high school girls who are whisked from Tokyo into a magical fantasy world, and told that unless they become the Magical Knights and fight the bad guys, they'll never be able to return home. Early on they are given some magical armour and some magical attributes, and as the series progresses they refine their skills. In this early episode they are being briefed by the rather short sorcerer, Clef.
Review I've always felt that the characterisation in RAYEARTH is poor and the whole thing is rather silly. Of course, there will be many who violently disagree. The translated dialogue reads rather stilted in places.
This is another shoujo manga, as can be seen from the page design, in which both characters and text escape from the confines of picture frames, and the lavish, rather feminine artwork.
References 44 page episode from Mixx magazine.


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