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Title (English) Appleseed
Title (Japanese)

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes Appleseed #1, p.42: ( David Lewis & Toren Smith)
The manga contains some battle scenes, with powered body armours, and also some lively human interactions.
(Studio Proteus[US], Manga Publishing [UK] ), vol.1, ISBN 1 900097 01 X (UK edn)
Manga author/artist Masamune SHIROW
Publisher Studio Proteus
Edn. Language Eng
ISBN (review vol.) 1 900097 01 X
Pages 184
Price £7.99
Size 15x21 cm
Synopsis Civilisation is being re-established around a new Utopia, Olympus City, but many survivors still live in the badlands. Combat-trained Deunan and her cyborg companion Briareous-H are brought to Olympus City. Here they discover that things are not as perfect as they are supposed to be, and that some humans are planning an uprising.
Review This is a very well-known manga, set in the near future after a chaotic and disastrous world war. The story is complicated and the plotting confusing, just like real life.


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