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Title (English) Parasyte
Title (Japanese)
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Notes Mixx 1-2, p.89, (Tr. by S.J.Levy.)

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Manga author/artist Hitoshi AWAKI
Publisher Mixx
Edn. Language Eng
ISBN (review vol.)
Synopsis Young man is infected with parasite from space.
Review Seems this is a popular title in Japan, and that PARASYTE won the Kodansha Best Sci-Fi award in 1993. The author writes seinen-manga (young-man manga), aimed at the 18-25 age group. The "Paraystes" (sic) of the title are the result of spores that drift down to Earth, infecting animals and people and changing them into shape-changing cannibals. The story is fairly simple but powerful. A young man, Shin, is infected, but the infection stops at his wrist, leaving him with a Parasyte hand that can change shape and talk to him. It can also fight other Parasytes, and threaten to hurt Shin.
This is a quite good SF/Horror manga with realistically drawn characters. (asides from the one above, I concede).
References 40 page episode in 'Mixx' magazine.


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