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Title (English) Banana Fish (Jap)
Title (Japanese) Banana Fish

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes Banana Fish #15,p.18: Dialogue (from top left)
A: What's it like above ground?
B: Above? Those guys out there?!
A: That's the problem..There's one chance. We'd meet those guys if we go the top way. If we go the lower way we can get out.
Tr. by GC
Manga author/artist Akimi YOSHIDA
Date 1992
Publisher Flower Comics
Edn. Language Jap
ISBN (review vol.) 4-09-133535-7
Pages 190
Price Y390
Size 12x17cm
Synopsis Basically, it's about gay gangsters, and a drug called 'Banana Fish'.
Review A well-known shoujo manga. For a detailed account, see Fred Schodt's DREAMLAND JAPAN,pp 203-207. Basically, it's about gay gangsters, and a drug called 'Banana Fish'. Young New York gangster Ash is the brother of a GI who goes berserk in Vietnam, mumbling the words "Banana Fish'. Ash gradually finds out more about it, & himself, while struggling against the evil Mafia boss, Papa Dino.
It's popular with young women because of the attractive male characters, who look really cool. They're in a beautiful colour art book, ANGEL EYES Illustration Book/ Banana Fish (Shogakukan, Y2200) which is kinda hard to resist though quite expensive.
The manga itself is quite well-drawn and (if the sampled vol. 15 is any guide) packed with violent action. Get a synopsis and start collecting. (GC).
References Also available in American translation.


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