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Title (English) Maison Ikkoku
Title (Japanese) Maison Ikkoku

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes MI #9: Learning Curves, p.176: (Tr. by Mari Morimoto.)
Manga author/artist Rumiko TAKAHASHI
Date 1994-9
Publisher Viz Graphic Novel
Edn. Language Eng
ISBN (review vol.) 1-56931-044-0 (vol #1)
Pages 232
Price $16.95
Size 14x21 cm.
Synopsis Hopeless student Yusaku Godai, who keeps failing his exams, is looking for a room when he calls on the run-down boarding house Maison Ikkoku, situated somewhere in Tokyo. The other inhabitants include fat party animal Mrs Ichinose, mysterious food-scrounging Mr Yotsuya, and half-dressed Akemi, the nightclub hostess, but Godai decides to stay as soon as he sets eyes on the new caretaker, Kyoko Otonashi, who is gorgeous (though you can't really tell that from the artwork). Godai, hopelessly in love with Kyoko, (who also likes him), but too poor to think of proposing, is constantly teased by the other occupants, who hold parties in his room, and is so ineffectual that he can't even avoid getting involved with other girls.
Review A very well-known manga (and anime) series, here collected into a series of graphic novels.
The characters are very well depicted, and the whole thing is very funny. It's particularly popular with adults, and is enjoyed even by Westerners who are not "manga fans".
References Also an anime TV series.

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