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Fantasy Novel

Notes Manga, 2000, by Kaiji Kawaguchi (who wrote "Silent Service").
US Edition: Viz Comics, monthly perfect bound, $6.95, 14.5x21 cm, approx. 112pp; also collected volumes.
Manga author/artist Kaiji Kawaguchi
Publisher Viz Comics
Edn. Language Eng
ISBN (review vol.)
Synopsis Young reporter Takashi Jo, an inexperienced journalist from Okinawa, finds himself sent overseas to cover the campaign of Senator Yamaoka, a Japanese-American candidate for the US presidency. He goes, leaving behind a personal tragedy, the accidental death of his mother. He soon finds that the Senator asked for him personally, and when they meet the Senator reveals an astonishing and potentially damaging secret.
Review An accessible story with an international flavour. The art isn't as impressive as some, but the story looks like a page-turner containing interesting ideas deployed in a realistic way. Clearly Kawaguchi is fascinated by the process through which Americans select their president.
References See also "Silent Service"


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