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JSTV Information

JSTV is an encrypted satellite channel for Japanese expats, etc, and broadcasts to Europe from Hotbird 6. (G.C., Oct 2010)
"JSTV broadcasts a variety of programmes for 24 hours per day which include NHK News, Documentaries, Drama, Animation, Variety Show, Sport (Sumo, Japanese Baseball etc). You can watch NHK News* and other NHK World TV programmes for free, however for viewing other programmes, you need to subscribe to JSTV."
For further info/latest info you can look at their website JSTV (Japanese) or English page for internet streaming subscription
English page for satellite subscription
, or Telephone +44-(0)20-7426-7330, or FAX +44-(0)20-7426-7339.

In simple terms, you can receive the shows which aren't scrambled with a Euro satellite receiver kit. To receive the scrambled broadcasts requires in addition a Cryptoworks CAM and card, plus an expensive subscription.  By the way, the broadcasts are relayed from NHK in Japan via Intelsat 10 at 68.5 deg.E, C band 3744 Ghz H, 26600, 1/2 in FTA, but that would appear to require non-domestic kit as well as the right geographical position!
It's also on cable in some cities.
You can download the JSTV program schedule in English as a PDF. There are two JSTV channels on the satellite - I don't know what the second one is except that it's permanently scrambled.