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Satellite Anime  F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

(note this FAQ has a UK bias!)
Q: Why watch satellite TV anime?
A:You can see anime that can't readily be bought on DVD, and it gives you an opportunity to practice your foreign language skills :-)
Q: What hardware do I need to receive these anime programmes?
A: A receiver and a dish antenna with LNB. For detail, see Technical in the drop-down menus.
Is a Sky Digital or Freesat satellite installation useful here?

A: Maybe - check Sci-Fi channel listings.  http://www.syfy.co.uk Other anime-bearing channels appear or disappear from time to time.
Q: We have an old Astra (Sky Analog) installation. Any good?
A: No, it's obsolete. There are no analog satellite signals since May 2012.

Q: I have a motorised digital setup that receives thousands of European channels. Any good?
A: Yes, lucky you. Go play with it.

How much would a satellite installation cost, supposing I wanted one?
A: Probably less than an iPhone. Check "What Satellite" magazine (UK) for the real info.
Q: What channels have got anime on them, out of the thousands of digital channels?
A: Check German anime: http://www.tomodachi.de/html/ant/service/tv_planer.html, Italia 1 on Hotbird 13 deg.E, RAI Gulp on Hotbird 13 deg E. Other than that, put "satellite" in the search on the blog ("Home" in drop-down menu) to see if I've recommended anything recently. You might try Polish channels: Tele5, Polonia1 etc or Spanish channels TV Galicia or Antena3, or try your luck on Turkish channels. Or, as most TV now has a web presence, find online program guides and trawl through them  for likely entries i.e. "Cartoon", "Kinder" etc.
http://www.tv.mediaset.it/guidatv/ Italia 1 (etc)
http://www.raigulp.rai.it/ Rai Gulp (Guida TV)
http://www.tv3.cat/canal/tv3cat TVC Catalonia
http://www.crtvg.es/programas/?p=69&m=5 TV Galicia 2
Technical links:
http://www.satbeams.com/charts Satellite channels
http://www.lyngsat.com/astra19.html Satellite channels, including analog.