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"World Masterpiece Theater" Series Index

Clicking on a link will show you more information on each individual series! WMT info. courtesy of Ben Ettinger. Ben's web-page has disappeared, but there is more information in the S&G Database, + images.

The eclectic years:



  • Directed by:

  • EP # 1-26 == Oosumi, Masa'aki
    EP # 27-end == Rin, Tarô
  • Produced by:

  • EP #1-26 == Tokyo Movie Shinsha
    EP #27-end == Mushi Pro 

1971:The stories of H. Ch. Anderssen
  • Directed by Hata, Masami
  • Produced by Mushi Pro 


  • Directed by Rin, Tarô
  • Produced by Mushi Pro 

1973:Rocky Chuck, the hill-mouse
  • Directed by Endô, Seiji
  • Produced by Mushi Pro 

1974:Heidi, girl of the Alps 

The Nippon Animation years:


1975:3000 leagues in search of mother
1977:Rascal racoon
1978:The story of Pelline
1979:Anne of Green Gables
1980:The adventures of Tom Sawyer
1981:The Robinson family lost at sea
1982:Lucy of the southern rainbows
1983:Story of the Alps: My Annette
1984:Katri the cow girl
1985:Little Princess Sara 

1986:The tale of Pollyanna, girl of love
1987:Little Women
1988:Little Prince Cedie
1989:The adventures of Peter Pan
1990:Daddy long-legs
1991:Story of the Trapp family
1992:Bush Baby, little angel of the grasslands
1993:Little Men
1994:Tico of the seven seas
1995:Romeo's Blue Skies
1996:Famous dog Lassie
1996-1997:Nobody's girl 

Pre-World Masterpiece; from ZUIYÔ ENTERPRISE

[1974: arupusu no shôjo haiji / Heidi, Girl of the Alps]

 As Heidi leaves Alm-Uncle...

The sum total 23 Nippon Animation World Masterpiece Theater tv series

1975: furandâsu no inu / A Dog of Flanders


1976: haha wo tazunete sanzen ri / 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother (From the Appenines to the Andes)


1977: araiguma rasukaru / Rascal Raccoon


1978: perïnu monogatari / The Story of Perrine


1979: akage no an / Anne of Green Gables


1980: tomu sôyâ no bôken / The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


1981: kazoku robinson hyôryüki fushigina shima no furône / The Robinson family lost at sea: Vroni on the wondrous island


1982: minami no niji no rüshï / Lucy of the Southern Rainbows


1983: arupusu monogatari watashi no an'netto / Story of the Alps: My Annette


1984: makiba no shôjo katori / Katri, Girl of the Meadows (Katri the Cow Girl)


1985: shôkôjo sèra / Little Princess Sara


1986: ai shôjo porian'na monogatari / Tale of Pollyanna, Girl of Love


1987: ai no wakakusa monogatari / A Tale of Love's Young Grass


1988: shôkôshi sedi / Little Prince Cedie


1989: pètâ pan no bôken / The Adventures of Peter Pan


1990: watashi no ashinaga ojisan / Daddy Long-legs


1991: torappu ikke monogatari / Story of the Trapp Family


1992: kusabara no chïsana tenshi busshu beibï / Bush Baby, Little Angel of the Grasslands


1993: wakakusa monogatari nan to jô sensei / Tale of Young Grass: Nan and Miss Jo


1994: nanatsu no umi no tiko / Tico of the Seven Seas (Tico and Nanami)


1995: romio no aoi sora / Romeo's Blue Skies (The Black Brothers)


1996: meiken rasshï / Famous Dog Lassie


(Sept. 1996-)1997: ie naki ko rémi / Rémi the Homeless Girl ("Nobody's girl"?)

WMT info. courtesy of Ben Ettinger.