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All material on this website is copyright. You may NOT copy or re-use any of the materials, without written permission, which is unlikely to be granted without good reason.
I have spent hundreds of hours developing unique content for this website, which includes the majority of the images which were specially prepared for Shoujo and General. This has been done to encourage return traffic to THIS site. So you may NOT copy them and use them for the same purpose on your own site, since this means as well as benefiting from my work you are damaging the operation of my site without offering anything in return.
If you want your visitors to see my materials than you can link to my site. Please contact me to discuss your requirements so that I can ensure that the relevant site logos are visible.
I am interested in exchanging links with suitable sites in order to share information for the benefit of all, (Unfortunately such cross-linking can be laborious to maintain) but those who just want to leech can go away and prepare their own content in their own time at their own expense with their own equipment.

Images: Copyright images on the server are used only for legitimate review purposes. They remain the property of the copyright holders, so do not re-use them for any purpose on your website or elsewhere.