Old Anime

It may be difficult to find information on anime that’s really old, i.e. pre-1970 or pre – 1945, depending on your definition, so I’m starting a list.

The White Snake Enchantress (M) 1959

The Adventures of Little Samurai (Magic Boy) 1959

The Enchanted Monkey or Alkazam the Great 1960

The Orphan Brother  1961

The Life of Buddha 1961

Adventures of Sinbad 1962

A Story on a Street Corner 1962

Sparrow in a Gourd 1962

Touring the World 1962

Little Prince and the Eight headed Dragon 1963

Doggie March 1964

Gulliver’s Space travels 1965

Taro, the Son of Dragon 1966

Pictures at an Exhibition 1966

Jungle Emperor 1966

The Kurohime Story 1966

Cyborg 009 1966

Cyborg 009 – the Underground Duel 1967

Jack and the Witch 1967

The Madcap Island 1967

Fables from Hans Christian Andersen 1968

Little Norse Prince Valiant 1968

The Fox with Nine Tails 1968

The Mighty Taro 1968

Puss’n Boots 1969

Flying Phantom Ship 1969

A Thousand and One Nights 1969

Hanako, the Elephant 1969

Cleopatra, Queen of Sex 1970

Kyojin no Hoshi 1969

Kyojin no Hoshi, Dairigu Boru 1970

Kyojin no Hoshi, Shumeki no Taiketsu 1970

Treasure Island 1971

The Fantastic World of Ukiyoe 1969

Attack no 1 (movies) 1970

Nobody’s Boy 1970

30,000 Miles Under the Sea 1971

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves 1971

Belladonna 1974

Jack and the Beanstalk 1974

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