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The “Shoujo & General” project has been one of my interests for the past 10 years or so.

I first discovered Anime (Japanese animation) in about 1990, and ever since have been captivated by its unique mixture of fine design and hard-hitting narration, and its wide and ever-developing range of subject matter.

I am also interested to some extent in Manga (Japanese graphics) which is essentially the same thing, only on paper.

Currently the Shoujo & General project consists of a large anime review database (about 1000 entries), including still images, and credit information, a much smaller manga database , and some supporting files, and, of course, this Blog, which contains reviews to be later re-written and inserted in the database.

Shoujo & General also incorporates the Shoujo Anime List. This is a list of all the shoujo anime known to the administrator. (Shoujo anime (anime adapted from comic books for Japanese girls) was attracting much interest a few years ago, but now shoujo anime and other anime of similar look and feel is more taken for granted.
Some miscellaneous material that didn’t fit in the database format is in the Features subdirectory. For instance, there’s an Escaflowne episode guide.

I had other sites and database duplicates, but they have now been abolished.

I recommend Google Chrome, Firefox 3 and MS Internet Explorer 8 for viewing all features on this site.   For Japanese text (mainly used in the Database) you may need to install Japanese text support.

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