What is shoujo?

shoujo is a Japanese word referring to "girls".

Hence shoujo manga = comics for (Japanese) girls. It refers to
graphic titles published in magazines marketed at Japanese girls, e.g. the
monthly "Margaret".

shoujo manga frequently, but not invariably, have a
characteristic feminine design style and content. Boys not especially or
solely interested in ultra-violence also enjoy these manga for their art,
character interest and dramatic storylines!

From this, shoujo anime = animation adapted from shoujo
. Again, these frequently, though not always, have a
characteristic feminine flavour and display interest in character and

Western fans, particularly those new to the anime scene, often make the
mistake of trying to class anime as shoujo or non-shoujo on the basis of
internal evidence such as the style or content of the anime, the presence
of well-characterised females, and so forth.. This is quite incorrect. A
shoujo anime is adapted from a manga published in a magazine for
End of discussion.

Sailor Moon is a famous shoujo manga which became a shoujo

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