Sitemap & Links – for Anime (Japanese Animation)
Anime Anime Review database – approx. 950 entries ON-LINE
Shoujo Anime Anime – sorted for Shoujo ON-LINE
TV WMT Anime TV Anime sorted for “World Masterpiece Theater” ON-LINE.
Juuni Kokuki Twelve Kingdoms (Juuni Kokuki) special feature.
Escaflowne Escaflowne(Tenku no Escaflowne) special feature.
Shoujo Anime List “Shoujo Anime List” – general info.
UK anime A review list 1992-97.
UK OVAs Another UK anime review list.
Classic Anime The anime you have to see!
Unusual anime Some unusual anime you might find interesting.
Best of 1995 A vintage year for UK anime releases.
Online Anime Videos Online video links and notes.
Off-site Links – for Anime (Japanese Animation)
Richard Llewellyn Basic credit info on almost all known TV anime (in English).
Shelton One-man site with many reviews.
Anime Primer A classic introductory resource.
Anime FAQ FAQ & Anime Web Guide & other things.
Hitoshi Doi’s anime page A classic resource for shoujo information, etc.

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