S&G Database reaches 1000 entries

The anime database associated with this blog (see anime in navbar above) has now reached the landmark 1000 entries. I’ve added reviews of some old or unfamiliar anime titles including Daltanious Robot of the Future, Taro the Dragon Boy, The White Snake Enchantress, Shouwa Monogatari, Hyouge Mono, Legend of the Millenium Dragon, Welcome to the Space Show.
It was quite a bit of work. I intend to re-brand the database as holding details of older and unfamiliar anime, while continuing to write about current anime in this blog.

Site outages

Apologies for any site outages you may have noticed in tle last couple of days. The blog has now been updated to the latest MySQL and WordPress versions.


I have re-configured anime.info.co.uk to point here, with effect 18 Aug 2007. The lost material  is largely duplicated in the www.sandg-anime-reviews.net Website, and the design was becoming outdated.

World Masterpiece Theater

You might well ask what this is to do with anime. In fact, World Masterpiece Theater (WMT) is the English name given to the twenty-six or so Nippon Animation TV series based on well known childrens’ books. They include versions of Anne of Green Gables and Heidi etc. In Japanese the series is known as meisaku.

All are featured in my S&G anime database (they can be shortlisted by a selectable tag). Buried deep in the Satellite area of the website is a more detailed discussion of WMT: text