World Masterpiece Theater

You might well ask what this is to do with anime. In fact, World Masterpiece Theater (WMT) is the English name given to the twenty-six or so Nippon Animation TV series based on well known childrens’ books. They include versions of Anne of Green Gables and Heidi etc. In Japanese the series is known as meisaku.

All are featured in my S&G anime database (they can be shortlisted by a selectable tag). Buried deep in the Satellite area of the website is a more detailed discussion of WMT: text

One thought on “World Masterpiece Theater”

  1. It’s a shame it is so difficult to get hold of titles in this series. As a fan of Tom Sawyer and Anne of Green Gables, I’d love to see the anime versions. Looking forward to catching Les Miserables when it is released.

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