Windy Tales mini-review

Within the past two months or so I uploaded and viewed all 13 eps. of “Windy Tales”. I heard about it in a mailing list but not anywhere else.windy tales1 It’s one of those “daily life” anime, I suppose, for want of a better label, and this will doubtless put off those who like their anime full of extreme violence. 🙂

Two junior high school girls comprise the “Digital Camera Club”. One day, Nao tries to photograph a cat from the school roof, falls off, and to general astonishment lands unharmed. The cat is carried off on a gust of wind. One of the teachers

Windy Tales 2 is standing nearby. Did he have something to do with Nao’s gentle descent? Soon, the girls discover the secret world of “Wind Users”.

The artwork is in a fairly distinctive style, and the episode stories generally involve either daily life or the wind. There’s one episode devoted to a game called “Kick the Can”, and another in which Nao’s father secretly learns to ride a motorcycle. The girls are well characterised – they seem just like real schoolgirls. I found the whole series altogether charming.