Spring 2012 Anime Season

The Spring Anime 1012 season has started with a large number of new shows. To save time, I’ve listed them here in order of interest.

*Probable Hits:*

Space Brothers (Uchuu Kyoudai): About two brothers who had childhood ambitions about becoming astronauts. The younger is in astronaut training; the elder has been sacked from his auto engineer post. It’s a comparative rarity to have adult principal characters. If you have ever been made redundant you’ll empathise with Elder Bro. Looks promising.

Accel World
Accel World
Accel World: A very clever virtual-reality based show in which the rather pathetic principal character is a master of virtual-reality games, but is crushed when an unknown player defeats him. The school’s alpha girl gives him some “acceleration” software to improve his act, and it soon proves its worth by enabling the two to eliminate the school bully, but there is a drawback. One wonders why the alpha girl is taking any interest in the pathetic porcine boy, but apart from that, it looks promising.

Kids on the Slope (Sakamochi no Apollon): A transfer student arrives at a small-town school. Contrary to expectations the class bully shares his interest in music (though jazz rather than classical), and the female class rep (whose father owns a record shop) is interested in both of them. Refreshingly different, looks promising.

*Worth Checking Out:*

Japanese Folklore (Furusato Saisei Nippon no Mukashi Banashi): 3 Japanese folktales per episode, simply narrated and amusingly animated. Should appeal to Japan buffs.

Gon: 3D animation about a small dinosaur with attitude. There doesn’t seem to be a fansub version, but he didn’t talk at all in the manga and he doesn’t say much in this. The animal animation is rather good.

Medaka Box: Alpha-girl school president starts a suggestion box, offering to solve all the students’ problems. She is supported by her (male) childhood friend, but being smart, energetic, good-looking, good at martial arts (and busty) is quite capable of sorting out anything. Could be fun. NSFW

Polar Bear Cafe (Shirokuma Cafe): Yes, it’s about a cafe run by a polar bear. In ep#1, the theme is looking for work, and the principal character is Panda, a lazy animal who just wants to lie around chewing bamboo all day. The dialog is sharp and the animal character design is detailed. Polar Bear’s language puns may appeal to Japanese language buffs. Not just for kids.

Sankarea: The principal male character is a boy obsessed with zombie lore who wants a zombie girlfriend. In the first episode he tries to revive his dead cat. He meets a gorgeous girl from the neighbouring all-girl school who apparently would quite like to be dead. Looks promising.

Mysterious Girlfriend X (Nazo no Kanojo X): The young hero falls for a weird schoolmate after licking her drool. By the end of the first episode they are an item (which makes a refreshing change from most anime). The drool is really icky. Not visually explicit but the dialogue mentions sex in the first 5 seconds. NSFW

Lupin III: Mine Fujiko… A new Lupin III TV series, focusing on Lupin’s rival thief and love interest, Fujiko. Lots of arty design and lots of female nudity. Entertaining. NSFW

*Mildly Interesting:*

Kuromajo-san ga Tooro: Don’t summon dark forces while you have a cold 🙂

Sengoku Collection: Scary warlord Oda Nobunaga played as a sexy-looking girl for no very convincing reason. NSFW

Summer-coloured Miracle (Natsuiro Kiseki): Straight character drama about four middle-school girls and their childhood wishes and promises. Wholesomely cute.

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka: Of the Dead: Sequel, mainly for those who want more of the same.

Eureka Seven – Astral Ocean: Apparently this is a sequel. Lots going on: alternate world, invading aliens, mysterious gadget, smugglers… It’s by Bones, might be good.


Ozma: Despite it having Leiji Matsumoto in the staff, I soon wondered if they’d set out to make an idiotic anime. By the second episode I didn’t care.

Hiiro no Kakera: Shrine magic stuff.

Shiba Inuko-san: A dog.

Yurumates: Gag comedy?

Zetman: Horrible 🙂

Upotte! Not just girls with guns – the girls ARE guns. Full of innuendo that is inappropriate given the apparent ages of the girls. NSFW

Kuruko’s Basketball: (Kuruko no Basuke) Mainly for sports fans.

Otome x Amnesia: Fun with ghost girl.

Saki – episode of side A: Tries to do for mahjong what Chihayafuru did for kurata, but doesn’t impress.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san! The crawling chaos Nyarlathotep (from HP Lovecraft) incarnated as a cute girl. You may find this hysterical, or you may just reflect that this irritating girl reminds you of “Sengoku Collection.” NSFW

Jormangand: You hate arms dealers, so you go to work for a teenage arms dealer and her paramilitary unit. Yeah right.

Tsuritama: One of four boys in a seaside town claims to be an alien. Irritating.

Acchi Kocchi: zzzz

Uninteresting/not seen:
Saint Seiya Omega:
Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume NEO:
Jewelpet Kira Deco:
Baka Tech; Bakugan:
Ginga e Kickoff:
Recorder to Randseru Re:
Zumono to Nupepe:
Arashi to Yoru Ni:
Queen’s Blade – Rebellion: NSFW
You and Me/Kimi to Boku #2: – Lads mucking about.
Naruto SD: – Super-deformed spin-off tries hard to be funny (not seen).