My Life as a Courgette

Puppets ‘Courgette’ is an European stop-motion animated film from director Claude Barras and writer Celine Sciamma. (64 mins) After losing his drunken mother in an unfortunate accident, nine year old Icare, nicknamed ‘Courgette’ is taken to a care home by a kindly policeman. The other kids have equally shocking backstories of abuse and neglect. Courgette has trouble fitting in at first, but a new girl, Camille, arrives whom he recognises as a kindred spirit.
The stylised puppets with their large heads and minimal expressions fit the story. Each child has a distinct character and it is hard not to sympathise with them. Their ill-informed conversations about sex are funny, and the disco scene is one of the highlights of the movie.
For once, the care system and carers get a positive report.
Parents: note that this is PG rated – Disney it’s not.
Highly recommended.