Really Old Anime OP/ED

A posting on rec.arts.anime.misc led me to a couple of fascinating downloads:

This first one is OP/ED from 1966-67 (and includes the original Mach
Go Go Go (Speed Racer) and Jungle Taitei (Kimba) pieces:

And this second one has ones from between the years 1971-1977,
though it doesn’t have all the years, it still has a lot of
classic work (including the original Cutey Honey and Zambot 3):

Wandering SunThey’re in FLV format, so they aren’t too big.  Amazing stuff. Despite the modest file sizes, there is a lot of material here. A lot of things I never saw anything of before. Must find out what the amazing WWII air battle show is. Also a few things I first encountered on foreign satellite TV, like the “Wandering Sun” from 1971, a story about a girl guitarist/singer.
I never heard of .flv format before, but my codecs had no problem playing it.
Old Anime