Collection of anime on VHS tape

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Tape boxes and other junk

Over the past year I have been working intermittently on ‘sorting out’ a large collection of anime on VHS tape. The collection, of about 400 tapes -that equals 400 shelf-inches – of tapes very rarely played, was of un-manageable size.

Some of these titles could not be replaced if I were to dump the tapes.  But a high proportion can be sourced as digital fansubs or as retail DVDs (hopefully not both!)

This winter it’s the turn of the NTSC tapes.  I sorted out a pile that were already transferred to digital, but found the greatest difficulty in even giving them away to somebody who might enjoy viewing them.  Clearly in the UK, old anime + VHS + NTSC is a no-go, particularly with people whose brains stop working after they’ve read the words “free animation”.

Now somebody is going to point out that most fans don’t use VHS any more and the young ones never saw a NTSC tape: right.

2 thoughts on “Collection of anime on VHS tape”

  1. I have probably about 30 VHS tapes that I have no idea what to do with. I don’t even have a VHS player, so the tapes just sit around at my parents’ house. It seems like a waste just to throw them away though! What do you think you’ll end up doing with yours if you can’t give them away?

  2. I suspect that I’ll keep most of them while gradually replacing the most significant items with digital recordings. One never knows what might be a rare and valuable collectible one day… I kept an ancient and useless colour TV set for years, till a collector pressed £25 into my hand.

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