Hyouge Mono manga – new Ch.4 scanlation

Furata in temple gardenI’ve done my own scanlation of chapter #4 (vol #1,pp 95-114) of the largely untranslated Hyouge Mono manga. (This part is also covered in the anime fansubs of episodes #2 & #3. ) As it turns out, the scenes and the Japanese dialog in the anime are remarkably similar to the manga.  This chapter is about a tea ceremony to which Furata, our hero, is invited by Oda Nobunaga’s tea-master, Senno Soueki. I could never quite get the point of tea-houses and the tea ceremony, but after reading this chapter I understand better why it was an important part of Japanese culture. Curiously, Furata does not seem familiar with tea-houses either, though he is clearly an avid collector of tea-bowls and tea-kettles. You’ll find the new chapter via the manga translations part of the nav-bar above.