Fall Anime 2011 – roundup

Scene from Guilty Crown
Guilty Crown
In Fall 2011 I checked out most of the titles as far as the first episode. I don’t as a rule follow many titles through a whole season, so unless otherwise indicated I have dropped titles early.
I was impressed by Chihaya furu (still watching) and Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (watched all), and entertained by Tamayura – Hitotose , Last Exile – Ginkyo no Fam , and Mirai Nikki (still watching).
I was watching Un-Go and Ben-Tou but have dropped some way behind the schedule, and dropped Guilty Crown after about 3 episodes. Un-Go and Mirai Nikki are on the ANN/http://www.anime-on-demand.com/ UK site, but they are making a faff of revising their site and getting people to register and pay.
Ginkyo no Fam‘ turned out to be very silly, but it looks great on a big screen and if you dismiss pre-conceptions based on the previous series it’s good fun.
I got quite fond of the characters in Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. The ending, like a lot of series endings these days, turned out to be rather minimalist, though their club seems to have been a success.
I’ve written about these series at greater length previously (below).