Hikari no Densetsu

Hikari Hikari

This shoujo sports anime dates from 1986, and is an example of what you can find on the web if you dig around. Only 3 episodes were ever fansubbed. It wasn’t a hit even at the time, but it still has a certain period charm.

Hikari, the pretty heroine, is rather good at rhythmic gymnastics. In the first episodes she shows just how good she is, defeating a sullen rival and being one of two girls from the school selected for the national championships. The other girl is Azuki, a talented senior whom Hikari admires. Hikari is encouraged by Ooshi, an older boy who is a national gymnastics champion. Hikari becomes interested in him, but he has a romantic interest in Azuki. Another friend of Hikari is Mao-kun, a rather punkish boy interested in pop music, who produces a tape of music for Hikari’s performance.

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  1. Nessaja says:

    Actually, this is one of the oldest anime that is still successful in Italy. It was reruned several times on the channels of the Mediaset group.

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