Some New-Season Anime

Itazura Scene from Itazura no Kiss

Itazura na Kiss – traditional sort of school romance comedy where a girl from class “F”, the least able, has been for two years nursing a crush on Irie, a handsome boy from class “A”, and finally attempts to confess her love, only to find that he’s arrogant and hates stupid girls. Her father’s new house falls down, leaving them homeless. They are offered a place to stay by her father’s old buddy Irie who is none other than the father of Genius Boy Irie. She moves in, and finds that the boy isn’t at all friendly and even his rude kid brother is much smarter than her. Perhaps a bit early to say, but this looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Macross Frontier – same old tosh, but at least it’s superbly produced tosh.

Allison and Lillia – The politics look interesting, but it lost me when two of the main characters prang a motorcycle and sidecar combo, wrecking it, and then get up and run off to the next scene, and then “borrow” a light aircraft which just happens to be left in a hangar, unattended, fuelled up and with the keys in it.

xxxHOLiC Kei – a straight continuation of the previous and now licensed season of CLAMP’s comedy supernatural show. Lead character has a battle of obligations with his friend, and involving a vengeful spider. Looks good, worth watching.