NHK World

NHK World is a Japanese news, current affairs and features show from Japan – a Japanese equivalent of BBC World. All material either has English audio or is subtitled in English.
The programmes are often quite interesting. I have recently caught a documentary about the recent fatal tunnel collapse (which revealed that crumbling infrastructure is a large problem), news about a China-Japan naval confrontation, and a weekly show about anime and manga. The latter is “imagine-nation”, (Wednesdays, 11.30 am our time). Programmes are free-to-air (no card or subscription needed).
In the UK you can find NHK World on the BSkyB satellite system (in HD), and on the Freesat satellite system (in HD).
In Europe (including UK) you can get it on satellite from 13 deg.E, 11137H in SD. (There are lots of other satellite channels covering other parts of the globe).
Alternatively, the website at includes a small live feed, and the full TV schedule.

Note: Don’t confuse NHK World with JSTV, which is a Japanese-language subscription service.