Summer 2013 anime – viewing

I confess that I have dropped most of the titles I mentioned in my previous anime post, in addition to those that were an obvious miss.
Rozen Maiden 2013: dropped as depressing and unengaging.
Kinmoza!: dropped as iritatingly twee.
Gen’en Otakeru Taiyou (il sole penetra le illusione – Daybreak Illusion): Dropped.
Gifuu Doudou! Kanetsugu to Keiji: Dropped. I felt no inclination to watch a second episode.
Servant x Service: Dropped.
Kami Nomi Goddesses: I’ve rather lost interest.

Still watching:
Uchouten Kazoku (The Eccentric Family): Imaginative and funny.
Monogatari Second Series: Not the best of Shinbo Akiyuki, but worth watching if you are familar with the rest.
WATAMOTE: This is proving a bit of a disappointment. It started off well, but each succeeding episode underlines that Tomoko is a hopeless case and is making no progress to becoming socialised. Episode 8 was painful to watch.
Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon): This was rather different from the usual fantasy-based stuff in that it is about a youth who opts to attend an agricultural senior high school as a boarder. Cue lots of real-life stuff, much of it icky or smelly, and mostly a shock to our hero who seems to have chosen this school on a whim. He seems out of place among the other students, who all come from agricultural or food-processing backgrounds and are often not strong on academic subjects. Inevitably there is one cute girl who attracts our hero’s attention. This reminds me rather of the bio-tech series “Moyashimon”.
Genshiken Nidame: The story of college-age otaku and their obsessions continues. Suffice to say that I have now ordered the DVDs of the previous two series. The obsessions of female otaku in this 3rd series are rather adult-rated – let’s just say that Vladimir Putin wouldn’t like Genshiken Nidame 🙂
Dog and Scissors: A rather pervy tale of dog abuse, which also takes in the world of literature, and magical-girl battles. Rambling, rather silly, but fun.
Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu: Initial publicity gave the impression that this was another girls-with guns show, but it’s something quite different. A group of nice girls have wholesome fun with war-gaming. The story centers on shy, retiring new girl Yura, who as the series progresses develops into a gun-toting war-game fanatic. There’s no fan-service or suggestiveness other than a couple of episodes showing the girls in swimwear. The girls have fun – you will too.