Autumn (Fall) 2013 Anime Season – First Looks

Kill La Kill
Kill La Kill
First impressions of the new season:
Interesting & Must-watch: Disappointingly, there are none so far.

Mildly interesting:

Coppelion: Three schoolgirls, genetically modified to resist radiation, are sent to investigate a ruined and radioactive Tokyo. Interesting visuals and concept, but sending three ditzy and unprotected girls seems dumb.
Kyousougiga: A remake of an original net animation, with hyper-active visuals and interesting urban setting.
Kill La Kill:The place is ruled by the School Council who have super-powered school uniforms allowing them to enforce a murderous fascist regime. They are challenged by a transfer student with some power-assistance of her own. Over-the-top and hyperactive violence and visuals, but seems to be enjoying the fascism rather too much.
Strike the Blood: People with abnormal powers live on an artificial island. A vampire-boy finds himself being trailed by a schoolgirl. For some reason I found myself enjoying this show and its characters.
Little Busters! Refrain: It starts with anodyne school stuff, but the scene in the second half where a girl character turns on some schoolgirl bullies may have viewers cowering in their seats.
Gingitsune: Schoolgirl lives at a shrine where her father is the priest. She is the only one who can see the resident fox-spirit. Not bad, but the girl acts far younger than her apparent age (her classmate has a boyfriend), which is pretty irritating.
Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio – Ars Nova
In this sci-fi drama, it’s 2039 and mankind has been driven from the seas and skies by a mysterious enemy known as ‘the Fog’ and their superior but WWII-styled warships. The opening sequence contains enough pseudobabble to make it a relief when a torpedo hits a Fog cruiser and the vessel actually blows up and sinks. A Fog submarine, U401, mysteriously defects to the humans, and turns out to have as its guiding intelligence a cute-looking but robotic young girl, who is programmed to make contact with our hero, a naval cadet whose father disappeared in a naval battle years earlier. U401 with these two in control goes on an anti-Fog rampage. Then it is revealed that all the Fog vessels are controlled by a cute young girl figure. So we have a battleship and cruiser with the personalities of spoiled schoolgirls. For me the style doesn’t make up for the irritations.
Tokyo Ravens
Tsuchimikado Harutora was born into a prestigious family of sorcerers, but can’t see spirit energy. Despite this, his idle life is disrupted by a childhood friend and the new head of the family bugging him to become a sorcerer. Then a flashy sorcerer-general turns up. A formulaic mixture of slice of life and supernatural battle, but quite well executed.
Unbreakable Machine-Doll
Science and magic supposedly combine to create humanoid weapons with intelligence and personality. Raishin and the cute teen girl Yaya, who is actually his “machine doll,” enter the Royal Academy, apparently sited in a steampunk version of Birmingham, England. His fighting skills are good, but his exam results are poor, so he has to make some shortcuts. Well-animated, with cute girls and supernatural fighting. Yaya has been programmed with a sex-drive, and is continually trying to bed her master, which is something we could really do without.
Galilei Donna
A fanciful adventure which starts with an attempt to kidnap three clever sisters, all descended from the medieval astronomer Galileo. There are some very exotic mecha, including a gold-fish-shaped airship, and a really annoying villain whom one hopes will be hit by a 1-ton hammer real soon :-). Good fun. OTOH ‘descended from Galilei’ is much less significant than it sounds (how many great-great- grandparents do you have?)


Super Seishun Brothers: Looks pretty, but the dialogue is boring.
Diabolik Lovers: Nasty show, for rape-fantasists only.
Miss Monochrome: Android wants to be an idol.
Kyokai no Kanata: School characters have violent supernatural powers, and seem involved in a love triangle. Unfortunately one is bland and another is annoying and self-centered.
Nagi no Asakura: Two villages, one underwater and one on land. The underwater school closes so the students have to attend the dry-land school. Life underwater looks exactly the same as life on land, except for the fish. Zero plausibility and some annoying characters sink this one.
Outbreak Company: Total otaku is hired to represent Japanese otaku culture to a magical kingdom.
Infinite Stratos 02: More of the robot/harem show
Golden Time: Romance problems of university students. Less interesting than it sounds.
Yuusha ni… I couldn’t become.. The Dark Lord is defeated, so the heroes are all out of a job. Misses its opportunities for everything except fan-service.
Log Horizon: The characters are trapped inside a gaming world by a technical fault. Do we care?
White Album 2: School music club drama
Sekai de Ichiban: A singing idol unwisely accepts a challenge to get involved with female pro-wrestling. The heroine is no wispy little girl and looks the part, but the revealing costumes, crotch shots and humiliating abuse add up to unpleasant exploitation.
Walkure Romanze: Romantic antics at a high school in an un-named country with medieval jousting in the curriculum.
BlazBlue-Alter Memory
Adapted from a bounty-hunting game , it’s a confusing mess of flashy action, odd designs, and fighting.
Non Non Byori
Shy Hotaru moves from Tokyo to the countryside with her parents. Her entire school now is one class: a multi-age group of four girls and one boy. The show is a series of short slice-of-country-life sketches, which is quite pleasant if you like this sort of thing.
Yowamushi Pedal
High-school freshman Onoda rides a heavy old women’s bike everywhere. One day, a road-racing cyclist in his school notices how strong he is on the bike. But Onoda is an otaku and wants to join the anime club, which unfortunately has been disbanded. He also meets a girl who is into cyclists but not into anime.
Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga,
A rather rude school love comedy about a boy forced by a voice in his head to choose idiotic and embarrassing actions. There is a long and irrelevant introduction, and it doesn’t improve much after that.
Samurai Flamenco
A young cop detains a naked young man, who confesses that he was trying to act the part of a superhero but got beaten up. Further investigation reveals that Hazama Masayoshi is a male model, has a collection of superhero suits and movies, and an obsession with Justice. Despite warnings, Hazama soon gets himself into the same trouble again, revealing his idealism, and indicating that the buddy relationship is going to continue. Suspicion that Hazama is also looking for a boyfriend will do the show no harm with female viewers.