Anime Network and ADV Problems

It occurred to me the other day that the demise of the ADV-backed Anime Network UK TV channel at the end of last year was related to ADV’s recently revealed problems. There was a singular lack of information about why the plug had been pulled on this channel, until the hosting channel company (Propeller) revealed in an answer to a fan’s e-mail that they would have been happy to carry on, but ADV had withdrawn from the deal.
ADV were using Anime Network to broadcast dub editions of some of their recent product, which could *also* be bought on DVD. I don’t think this practice is unique, which makes it look like the argument that fansub downloads = bad, fansubs = lost DVD sales is overly simplistic. As it happens, one of these shows was Kurau Phantom Memory, which was cut off in mid- series. And this is one of the shows to which ADV no longer holds the rights, because of its unfortunate dispute with a major investor.