What was that anime, again….?

Asatte no Houkou (“A Direction of the Day After Tomorrow”)

Karada Iokawa is a young girl who transforms into a young woman. Shōko Nogami, a young woman who has just returned from studying abroad, happens to be the former girlfriend of Karada’s older brother. Shōko transforms into a young girl.

Akahori gedou hour rabuge: package name of pair of 12min-episode shows: Love Pheromone, about a pair of heroines who fight for justice but always cause more chaos than good, and Gedou Otome-Tai, about the five Hokke sisters, who are bent on becoming the world’s greatest Evil.

Otogi Zoshi (spotted in HMV shop, UK) – anime series set in Heian era Japan (1st 13 episodes, search for magical Magatama stones) and the present day (next 13 episodes).

Tenjho Tenge – martial arts/school anime with historic/supernatural overtones (not seen).

Comic Party – anime series inspired by, and satirizing the world of the Comiket dōjinshi or self-penned comic art conventions.

Cosprayers (Cosmopolitan prayers) a fantasy anime closely related to the anime Smash Hit, in that Smash Hit‘s lead character Mizuki Ikuta, a diminutive girl, teased for her size, is the producer of Houchiku Corporation’s anime CosPrayers. “Love Love” is the third anime in the trilogy.

Gankutsuou – is an anime series loosely based on Alexandre Dumas’ “Count of Monte Cristo”. The anime is notable for its unusual character designs and the rendering of clothing, etc.

Gedo Senki – “Ged’s World” or, Tales from Earthsea, the controversial anime movie adaptation of Ursula K. Le Guin ‘s “Wizard of Earthsea” novels. The movie was directed by Goro Miyazaki, son of the famous Hayao Miyazaki.

Hoshi no Koe = Voices of a Distant Star is a OVA by rising directorial star Makoto Shinkai, about two teenage lovers who communicate by text mail as they travel further and further apart.

Justy (Cosmo Police Justy) is an anime , made in 1985, in which the lead character is a police officer who hunts down criminal espers. He too is an esper, but wears a headband to limit his powers.