anime.in4mation re-siting

Following a dust-up with the former ISP, I have moved my anime.in4mation site, formerly at, to (quicklink in column at lower left)

Mostly it still works, though the front page menu has a slight fault in IE7 and there are a lot of little Home links that don’t point to the right page anymore.

This was on a free hosting site, but I left it for more than 90 days without dialing into it, and the ISP then removed the site and wouldn’t re-instate it unless I upgraded to a pay service, which, since I already had a vacant domain I could move it to at no extra cost, I was not going to do.

Topics covered are a miscellany:

miscellaneous media reviews, Escaflowne, 12 Kingdoms, FAQ’s, Japanese shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, mangaka Ryouko Ikeda, satellite TV anime, shopping, and shoujo stuff.